Radio And Television Advertising For Your Business

No matter what type of product or service your company offers, marketing of that product or service is vital for the health of your business. Without marketing, the buying public is unaware that your company exists, or worse, is aware of it but unsure what exactly it has to offer them. Properly promoting your company can done in a variety of ways. Word of mouth is the best way, but this is typically only achieved after your business has been around for many years and has many satisfied customers willing to recommend your product or service to their friends, family and co-workers.

In the meantime, what can you do to advertise? Email newsletters are an excellent start, but it’s best to let your customers voluntarily sign up for them rather than spamming them. Offering promotional sales or coupons in your newsletters can drive business while educating the public on your products and services. An advertisement in print media such as magazines and newspapers is another low-cost option, but be sure to choose the right print media to advertise in. In other words, if you run an auto repair shop, don’t place an ad in a local crafter’s magazine.

An easy way to reach a wide audience quickly is through radio and television advertising. Carefully-selected slots for your advertisement will reach a large chunk of your targeted demographic in very little time. This form of marketing isn’t as economical up front as print advertising, but if done well, television and radio ads can pay for themselves many times over.

Ensure that your ad sends a clear message to the people listening to or viewing it. It may look good on paper, but try to imagine hearing or viewing that ad over the radio or television-does it keep your attention? Are your services or products clearly promoted in a concise, desirable way? Remember that attention spans are short-get your message across in an entertaining yet timely way. Once your ad is ready to go, you need to choose the time slots for it to air. Think about your targeted demographic-when will they be at home to see your commercial or in their vehicles to listen to your radio ad? Once you have the slot chosen and your ad runs, check back to see how many customers it attracted and make changes to the time slot as necessary-sometimes minor tweaking is all you need.