Quality Marketing and PR For Your Business

The old adage that it takes money to make money is an overstatement when it comes to advertising and PR for your business. With patience, creativity, and strategy, the clever business owner can greatly increase their market share with minimal cost.

The first thing to do is to determine your target audience. Aim your efforts at the people who use your product or service. If you sell motorcycles, you would probably want to avoid marketing to grade school children and their mothers for instance.

In determining your target audience, it can be helpful to make a list. Begin with the most obvious – if you are opening a store that sells women’s clothing, the obvious clientele is going to be women. Start your list there.

Next, take your list one step further still. Within the larger framework of your business category (women’s clothing store), what specialties if any does your business have? A store that sells bridal gowns may have a different target audience than one that sells women’s sporting goods. Similarly, a plus-sized clothing store and a petites clothing store are not selling to the same audience.

And where do you conduct business? Are you an e-tailer, with your sales coming via the Internet? Are you a retailer with a physical presence in town? Knowing where your audiences will be looking for you and for goods and services like those you offer is crucial to successful marketing.

Don’t waste your money and effort with scattershot marketing. The owner of a clothing store catering to older professional women will not want to take out advertising space in teen-oriented publications, for example. Always remember: go where your audience is.