Making Direct Mail Advertising Work For Your Business

We’ve all received advertisements and coupons in the mail. It is a traditional, yet important, form of advertising for business to get the word out about their products or services and reach a wide audience of potential customers. These direct marketing advertisements encourage consumers to take action by enticing them with coupons, discounts or other promotional offers.

Because direct mail has become commonplace, it is important that you entice your potential customer base by encouraging them to respond to your call to action by providing some form of follow up contact information. For example, a customer may need to provide an email address or telephone number in order to receive the discounted product or service you are advertising. This information can greatly impact your business and allow you to reach your sales and service goals.

With a customer’s contact information, such as email, telephone or address, you will have an opportunity to connect with someone who has shown interest in your business. This can be extremely beneficial for when you are sending out target advertisements that address specific needs. When a customer shows interest in a specific product or service, you can streamline your message and tailor it to speak directly to that consumer.

By studying the amount of feedback you’ve received on your initial direct mail campaign, you can refine your copy or your design to utilize only the parts that seem to generate the most response. An effective direct mail campaign does not just use one round of mailings, but rather the follow up of refined advertisements that put into practice the constructive feedback you’ve received from your marketing research.

You may find that a certain town or group of people in a specific socio-economic class respond especially positive to your campaign. This information can be used to tailor your message directly to those people. If another group of people respond to a different aspect of your direct mail, you can make sure that group of people receives advertisements that are customized to fit their needs and generate a high response. Basically, the response to your first round of direct mail can be studied in order to generate more effective advertisements that are tailored specific groups, towns or individuals.

Many people believe that direct mail is the old way of marketing, especially with television and Internet advertisements. While there is no doubt that television and Internet advertisements are very effective, a well-rounded marketing campaign needs to have a direct mail approach to reach those who are unaffected by other media. A tangible piece of paper – or a magnet, flyer or brochure – is less likely to be ignored because a potential customer must pick it up and hold it before they throw it away. They have the opportunity to read it before they decide if your business can meet a need.